Tehnical Interviews in 2023 and beyond

In the current era of technological advancement, traditional methods of interviewing, which focus on memorization and syntactical knowledge, have become obsolete. In this context, a more effective approach involves immersing candidates in a real-world environment, specifically one that utilizes Cloud Services (AWS, Azure and GCP).

This method involves the following key elements:

Provision of a Realistic Cloud Environment: Candidates are given access to an AWS environment that is pre-loaded with all the tools and technologies currently in use by your team. This setting closely mimics the actual work environment, offering a more accurate assessment of the candidate's capabilities.

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Presentation of a Practical Problem: Instead of theoretical questions, candidates are presented with a real problem, akin to what they would encounter in their potential role. This problem should be comprehensive enough to test various aspects of their knowledge and skills in AWS, Azure and GCP and related technologies.

Freedom to Seek Resources: Candidates are allowed, and even encouraged, to use external resources such as books, blogs, and forums like Stack Overflow. This simulates a real-world scenario where professionals often rely on external sources for information and problem-solving.Learn More
Assessment of Problem-Solving Approach: The focus of the evaluation is not merely on whether the candidate arrives at the correct solution, but on how they approach the problem. This includes their thought process, the strategies they employ, and their ability to navigate through the complexities of the problem.

Understanding of Cloud Nuances: A key aspect of the assessment is to gauge the candidate's understanding of cloud nuances and intricacies. This includes their knowledge of various Cloud services and how they can be leveraged effectively.

Evaluation of Long-Term Scalable Design: The candidate’s ability to make decisions that contribute to long-term, scalable, and robust design in the cloud environment is critically assessed. This involves evaluating their foresight in anticipating future needs and scaling challenges, and their proficiency in designing systems that are sustainable and efficient.

Emphasis on Practical Skills Over Theoretical Knowledge: This approach values practical, hands-on experience over theoretical knowledge. It recognizes that the ability to apply knowledge in real-world scenarios is more indicative of a candidate's potential success in the role.

By adopting this approach, organizations can ensure a more effective and comprehensive assessment of a candidate's suitability for a role that involves working with Cloud and related modern technologies. This method provides a realistic preview of the candidate's real-world performance, thereby facilitating a more informed hiring decision.

Why AnzioLabs?

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AnzioLabs provides triple filtering on candidate pool.

First filter happen when HR inform the candidates to come prepare for an on-line tests and hands-on test. We seen there is 30-40% drop rate. Second filter happen when candidates take the on-line test. Third filter happen when candidates take a hands-on test.

Any number of candidates can be invited parallely to take the test. All calibration happen with in 1-2 hours and you select top 2-3 candidates for next round of interview.

By a click of a mouse, we will give you a cloud environment that is pre-loaded with all the tools and technologies currently in use by your team. This setting closely mimics the actual work environment, offering a more accurate assessment of the candidate's capabilities.

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Here is the mail sample we sent to our applicants:

Thank you for expressing interest in the Trainer position at AnzioLabs. We highly value the expertise and depth of knowledge our trainers bring to the table. Given the advanced level required for this role, I would like to invite you for an interview. Additionally, please be prepared for an online test as part of our selection process.

During our meeting, we will have a discussion followed by the online test, which consists of multiple-choice questions focused on evaluating your AWS knowledge. The test is designed to give us a better understanding of your proficiency in this area. If you are comfortable with this arrangement, kindly schedule a 60-minute meeting at your convenience using the following link: https://calendly.com/link.

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