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A One click Sandbox for task based interview in any cloud provider

Extensive repository of Q&A covering all major disciplines/technologies

We have more than 10,000+ detail technical questions and answers covering all disciplines.

Every test session is comprehensively recorded, capturing both screen activity and video, to enable thorough reviews and ensure the integrity of the assessment process.

Conduct task-based interviews in a fully-equipped cloud environment

One click Sandbox in any cloud environment (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Coding Assesment

Choose from more than 100 Pre defined Coding Questions categorized as easy, medium and hard.

Knowledge Assessment

More than 10,000 high-quality questions and answers spanning various engineering disciplines, curated to tes comprehensive learning and Assessment

When AI is writing code, why ask humans to write code in interviews?

Do A Task-Based Interviews In Any Cloud Provider
Get a one-click Sandbox for task-based Interviews in any cloud provider (Azure, AWS, GCP).
The sandbox is fully equipped with all the tools and resources needed to conduct a comprehensive and effective interview.
You can create custom tasks, assign them to candidates, and evaluate their performance in real-time. The sandbox is secure, reliable, and easy to use, making it the perfect solution for technical interviews.

Yes, for some job, coding skills are crucial. At AnzioLabs, you can also conduct recorded coding assessments in multiple languages using our embedded IDE.

Knowledge Assessment
For every test, we went to industry authorities (Microsoft, AWS, IBM, Google etc.), and took their certification exams as our target and built the questions meeting a certification level quality bar. This means that the questions are aligned with the standards and expectations of the leading companies in the field.

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Value we bring

1. Efficiency

AnzioLabs streamlines tech interviews, ensuring they are efficient and precise.

2. Fair Assessment

The platform significantly reduces subjectivity and bias in the hiring process.

3. Trust

Enhances the trust in candidates selected for the full interview loop.

4. Pricing

Provide Huge saving by efficiently selecting the right candidate. No surprises left for day one.

Coding Assessment
hundreads of pre defined coding questions categorized as easy, medium and hard.
Multiple languages supported (Python, Java, C++, C#, JavaScript etc)
Special comments of AI on code quality and performance.

AnzioLabs 'Mozart of coding' Comments on every coding assignment:
1. The function is not handling the case where the input list is empty correctly. Since the function is returning the input list if it's empty, it may not be the expected behavior. It would be better to raise an exception or return None in this case.
2. The function logic for finding the two largest numbers is not correct. It does not handle cases where the largest number is found multiple times in the list. In such cases, the second largest number may not be correctly identified.
3. The function does not handle the case where all numbers in the list are the same. In this case, it would incorrectly return the same number as both the largest and second largest.
4. The function could be simplified by using the `sorted()` function to sort the list in descending order and return the first two elements. 5. The variable names `largest` and `second_largest` are clear and descriptive, but the naming convention could be improved by using underscore separated names (`largest` -> `largest_number`, `second_largest` -> `second_largest_number`). Overall, the code needs improvement in handling edge cases and optimizing the logic for finding the two largest numbers.

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