Our Vision:

Revolutionizing recruitment through immersive skill exploration.

What we Believe?

We thrive on innovation, customer focus and integrety as we strive to providing a platform that is both engaging and effective. We believe that the future of recruitment lies in the ability to assess technical expertise in a realistic virtual environment, ensuring precise and efficient candidate evaluations that align with specific role requirements.

Our Founders Story:

Rafat Sarosh. CEO, Founder

I started AnzioLabs because of my own frustrations as a hiring manager. Over the years, I have interviewed hundreds of technical candidates, and often found the process to be deeply flawed.

I must have rejected countless applicants, only to later doubt my decision. Conversely, I also hired many individuals who ultimately did not work out.
I was determined to find a way to make the interview process more effective, and ultimately conceived the idea of creating a platform that would allow me to assess a candidate's technical skills in a realistic environment.

Especially now, when tools like ChatGPT can write code and so much help is readily available online, a traditional coding and discussion-based interviews are no longer sufficient. I believe that presenting candidates with a real task and observing how they approach and solve it provides a far more accurate assessment of their true abilities.

I possess a deep-rooted passion for technology, sparked by my first encounter with a computer. With over 20 years of experience, I specialize in creating multi-cloud, large-scale, high-volume, and high-availability products.

My journey includes pivotal roles such as CTO and Vice President of Engineering in both large corporations and startup environments. Notably, I dedicated 15 years at Microsoft as a Principal Development Manager, where I was instrumental in the development of key projects including Windows Server, Xbox, Windows, and Microsoft.com

Currently residing in Seattle, I find myself absolutely captivated by the rain, mountains, and ocean that grace this magnificent city. You'll often find me exploring the outdoors through hiking, or indoors coding or teaching at Certify2win.

I will love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to me at rafat.sarosh @ anzioLabs.com